Air Freight

LoveFreight Ltd can arrange the movement of items of any weight or size. And, since we handle large quantities of Airfreight goods, we are able to negotiate competitive rates with carrier airlines, which ensures our worldwide freight service is a cost-effective way of moving your heavier items by air.

LoveFreight Ltd offers a number of different alternatives for Worldwide Airfreight. For the client who has a full aircraft load, we can arrange for material to be sent direct to the destination by organising air charters on our clients’ behalf. For clients with smaller consignments we are able to block off space with many commercial airlines and (dependent on size) utilise ULDs (Unit Loading Devices) or PAGs (otherwise known as BINS or Aircraft pallets). LoveFreight can also offer dangerous goods shipping, and special handling for any hazardous or dangerous goods requirements.

Our Services save you time and effort and enable you to focus on your core business activities.

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