About Us

LoveFreight have extensively researched direct services and rates to ensure that we have the best services and competitive prices on the market with the quickest transit times on the market depending on the mode of transport required.

With our extensive knowledge of HM Customs procedures, duty rates, IPR , OPR, ATA Carnets, TIR Carnets, We are best in class for reducing our client’s costs with our tailor-made services including consultation and advice on Customs duty and VAT.

Having our own warehouse also allows us to offer a much wider range of products including and not limited to, pick and pack operation, labelling, De-van and loading of all types of containers. The list goes on and on.

Our Staff have personally dealt with various Blue Chip Manufacturers all over the world with outstanding results, which shows in testimonials from our long-standing clients.

Our most recent “unusual” shipment loaded was a Horse Spa….. going to….. wait for it. South Africa. and recently delivered by truck and crane, a Spa to a very nice house in Chelsea for a famous football player.